Other areas to expand my business: Textile Painting

Otros áreas para expandir mi negocio: Pintura Textil

This week we were talking on the networks about a new technique that can allow you to develop your business, it is simpler than screen printing, and a little more manual. But it will allow you to create designs as you wish and launch your own brand, we refer to Textile Painting .

What does it consist of? We use textile paint or acrylic fabric paint , to paint on the fabric, then let it dry, we can give it a little heat to help the process.

How do we do it?

  • We take the t-shirt or fabric that we are going to paint, preferably cotton, although this depends on the type of paint you bought.
  • We place it on a flat surface, and iron the area that we are going to paint to avoid wrinkles.
  • We place our template, adhesive tape or leave it free.
  • We begin to paint our fabric.
  • At the end, we can use a hair blower to help with drying, although it is recommended to give it 24 hours without touching the textile.
  • Ready we enjoy the result.

We hope that this introduction to this area of ​​textile customization will help you expand your business.

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