Offers, when should I use them?

Ofertas, ¿Cuándo debo utilizarlas?

This month of November is one of those characterized by offers, many people wait several months to make their purchases in this month, because they understand that it is an opportunity to take advantage of the offers and save on their purchases.

But from the point of life of us as entrepreneurs; How good is it for us to make offers? Are they really necessary? Are the offers real? Although these questions depend a lot on the type of business and the season, we will give you some tips so that you can handle them appropriately.

At the beginning of our brand, the offers are important to make us known, or to reach some clients. Therefore, in this case we would be applying a market introduction strategy.

They are a way of retaining our customers , if at the time of making an offer, we establish a follow-up plan for customers, we can increase the repurchase rate. An example of this type of offers are loyalty cards, which after a certain amount of consumption we have something free or some promotion.

Another reason why we make offers is to take advantage of special dates , and give more movement to our inventory, such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, Summer, Black Friday, etc.

Rotation of products , with these you can ensure that products that have a slow rotation, come out faster allowing you to acquire new products.

But, BEWARE, you should avoid indefinite offers , by this we mean that unlimited offers can badly get your client used to, and understanding that with you they will find "the cheapest prices", if it is your business strategy is fine, but on the other side in the long run can affect your margins and your business.

We hope that this post will give you some reference to the cases in which it is ideal to apply the offers. If you have done another process, you can share it in the comments.

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