New Year, New goals

Nuevo año, Nuevas metas

We have already started this new year, although it may sound a bit trivial. Do you already have your New Year's resolutions? A tradition that we carry out is to set our goals and objectives for this year. What are your goals and objectives?

If you are one of those who do not like this tradition because you do not usually meet your goals or do not know where to start, we want to share some exercises and ideas so you can do it.

1. Close your eyes, remove all limitations from your head, and think: Where would you like to be in 1 year? Let your imagination run wild, without imaginations.

2. Write down the goals and objectives that you would like to achieve. At this time we are going to let our imagination run wild, and write down everything that comes up.

3. In this step it is time to choose the most realistic goals, for example, if your goal is to earn RD$50,000,000 in sales this year, it is not an unreasonable goal, but if you started the year with RD$0 in sales, it might be more difficult to reach it.

4. Make it images. Now that you have your list of goals, it's time to create a moodboard, take all these ideas and transform them into images and photos of these goals, it's a way to start seeing what we want.

5. Divide the goals into small steps or daily tasks, as we always do with the objectives and goals that we have in our business, reach these goals in small steps. If the goal is to sell RD$50,000,000, prepare the sales plan that you must meet to achieve it.

6. Look for people who can help you with your goals. Although they do not like to accept it, we must understand that we are surrounded by people and that we depend on them to achieve our goals and objectives.

Well we hope that these steps to create your goals and objectives have been helpful. Start working so that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself.

"The best day to start something was yesterday, the second best day to start is today, and the third best day is tomorrow." Paula Santana.

Emi Group RD

Desde 2017