New resistors, how do I work with these materials?

Nuevas resistencias, ¿Cómo trabajo estos materiales?

In this post we will talk about the resistors that are included in some models and how you can work with these products for customization.

  • How are pens personalized?

This process is different from what we are used to seeing, because the pens are not sublimated, but are personalized by applying polymation .

Polymation is the printing process on papers for the personalization of surfaces or fabric using toner printers .

To give you an idea, the pens do not have a polyester coating, so what we do is adhere the designs to it.

How is the proccess?

  • You must print the design on a toner printer , the image must be in mirror mode .
  • Then you proceed to configure your iron, for this type of work you must use 220 ° C for 10 seconds .
  • Prepare the pen by placing the design on it, the template of your design may vary depending on the model of the pen, but you could apply a size of 6cmx1.5cm.
  • Proceed to ironing .
  • Remove the paper from the pen and enjoy the result.
  • If you want more durability you can apply a clear to protect the design.
  • How are sneakers and shoes personalized?

To personalize footwear we do not have a special resistance, but a base is used to place the footwear directly on the plate and that it is not affected by its relief.

In this case it depends on the material of the footwear that we are going to personalize, if we are going to work on a tennis shoe or a shoe that is made of synthetic textile material, such as polyester, we could sublimate it.

But in case it is a shoe made of leather or a non-sublimatable material, we can customize it by applying the textile vinyl , using the parameters according to the type of vinyl we are using.

We hope that these shared tips will allow you to work with the new resistances that we will be bringing.

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