Constant Improvement: Six Sigma

Mejora Constante: Six Sigma

This concept arises in the decade of the 80s, focused on the manufacturing process of the motorola company by the engineer Bill Smith, this process was focused on the manufacturing and production processes, since it examines repetitive processes and seeks to reach the highest quality. the products.

But we can adapt this concept to different areas of our company, depending on the processes and the level of demand that is handled. How does it work:

1. Define : Establish the processes or processes that we are going to evaluate, and the improvement objectives that are sought. For example, in the production of cups, how can we reduce times.

2. Measure – Establishes the current status of the problem or process. We must classify and evaluate each of the related variables. Continuing with the example; It is taking 20 minutes to produce a cup. If we divide this process into parts we have: 5 minutes to cut the image, 5 minutes to prepare the mug, 6 minutes to sublimate the mug, 4 minutes to prepare it in the packaging and have it ready.

3. Analyze : Analyze the measurement results, comparing them with another process carried out. In this step we will see where the problem is. Continuing with the example: In this case we are going to divide each one of the tasks by the actions and observe where they are being delayed.

4. Improve: Proposes the necessary actions to improve the process. Continuing with the example: Propose the actions that you must follow to improve the process, that is, prepare the images for pre-cut mugs to reduce time, just like the thermal tape.

5.Control : Applies the measures to guarantee the effectiveness and continuity of the process.

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