After we have the strategy, what do we do?

Luego de que tenemos la estrategia, ¿Qué hacemos?

This is a continuation of last week's topic, about considering strategies for the development of our projects. About how we should be clear about our objectives and what our mission and vision are.

But, if we already comply with all this advice, and we know where we are going, how can we start working on this path? Many of our answers are: "I don't have time", "I will do it tomorrow", but the truth is that excuses, weeks turn into months and we are still in the same place where we set all these goals. So what should we do?

1. Write a list of your activities, by this we mean the actions you need to execute to reach your goal. For example: Our goal is "sell more shirts", but we must think about what action we have to take to sell more shirts.

2. Prioritize, after you have written your list, there are things that have a more direct influence on your goal than others, so you must emphasize those situations, so you know that you are working towards your goals, and you are not just busy.

3. Review your activities daily, what you did today that brought you closer to your goal, and if you didn't, analyze why and correct it. Every day is a 24-hour opportunity to change and start getting on track.

We recommend that you take notes to execute this step, it is the best way to stay active and not forget anything.

We hope that this topic will help you organize yourself, we all need to consider our strategy to be able to execute. Remember: " It is not that we have little time, but that we lose a lot." Seneca.

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