Discipline allows us to create our habits

La disciplina nos permite crear nuestros hábitos

In this post we want to remind you of what you must take into account to move forward in your business. Remember that this process is like a ladder, which we all climb step by step. But, do you feel that there are times when you do not advance? Why am I having trouble completing something? Always busy and never running?

Remember that our habits are what build us and allow the actions we take day by day to bring us closer to our goals and objectives. So why do we talk about discipline ? because to create habits , we need discipline , since one day you handle yourself in one way, but the next day you "change", that means you don't have a habit.

Once these concepts have been clarified, what should we do to create a habit? We must start by developing our discipline . And this post is about some tips that allow us to develop our discipline to create our habits.

  • Write down what things you want to do, and repeat them , this is a good way to be aware of what we want to do, what habits we want to acquire.
  • Run , if you want to "start the diet", don't wait for "Monday", start today, every time you postpone it you are avoiding facing your situations.
  • Start simple , this is a great way to say "no" to that extra plate of pound cake, or say "yes" to that plate of salads at lunchtime.
  • Change your perspective , on many occasions the reason why it is difficult for us to achieve something is because we believe that "it is not made for me" or "I am like that, and I have always been like that", but the advantages as human beings is that we have the ability to change.
  • Forgive yourself and start over , we are all guilty of this, after we make the decision to execute something and we fail, we already martyr ourselves, we feel guilty and we fall into the "I am like this, I am not going to change", that is why we tell you that forgive you and may you be able to start over.

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