Games to do: Puzzles

Juegos para hacer: Rompecabezas

In this post we share with you another of the classic games to share with the family, since you can't go out and buy it, we leave you with the idea so that you can create your own, you can use different pre-templates for the image that we share with you. And you can also use the templates that we share with you for the size of the letters.


  • cartonite
  • Bond paper
  • ega in bar


  • Printing machine
  • Cutting plotter(Silhouette or Cricut)


  1. You must print the image on bond paper .
  2. Paste the image on the cardboard or the base you have chosen, ideally the size is 8.5"x11".
  3. Open your plotter software.
  4. Place the template inside, adjusting the size to 8.5"x11"
  5. Send to cut , (taking into account the material and the configuration of the system).
  6. Separate the pieces and enjoy.
  • Here we leave you the download link, for Silhouette Studio :

  • Here we leave you the download link, for Cricut Design :

  • And here we show you the video putting it together :

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