How can I expand my UV Printing customization catalogue?

¿Cómo puedo ampliar mi catalogo de personalización Impresión UV?

In this post we will talk about a printing process in which the ink is applied directly on the materials, it is a printing process directly on the materials, it is one of the most advanced options in the world of printing due to its technology and process. drying.

How does UV printing work?

UV printing consists of placing ink on the surface to be customized and then proceeding to dry it using a burst of ultraviolet light.

How does this printer work?

This type of equipment uses the process that we already know as ink injection , remember that it consists of "spraying" ink on the surface, and then going through a drying process with ultraviolet light. The inks that are applied on the material are UV curing ink, which can be adhered to many materials.

This technique allows us to make prints on wood, metal, plastic, cardboard, adhesives, vinyl, banners and textiles.

What are the advantages of this technique?

  • Fast dry
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of materials
  • There is no limit to the colors and combinations

Although this technique is quite advanced and it is a faster process, we must take into account the initial cost of investment in the equipment, depending on the size it can increase, and also before acquiring equipment we must evaluate the printing capacity, since that some are made for small volume printing.

We hope that this introduction to the UV printing process will help you define if this is a process that you could use to apply it to your business.

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