Direct printing!! or DTG

Impresión directa!! o DTG

This topic is quite interesting, apart from sublimation and screen printing, we present a new technique for direct textile customization, DTG Printing or Direct To Garment.

This process consists of a large format printer which uses pigmented ink , then we place our shirt on a platform, so that our printer proceeds to print the images directly on the fabric. This offers an excellent level of quality in the result, because it allows you to apply images with a wide variety of colors.

Now, we are going to highlight some of the most important aspects to take into account in this technique.

What ink do you use? On what material is it applied? This process uses water-based pigment inks , so if our fabric is polyester, this fabric can repel the ink, preventing it from sticking.

How does it work on dark t-shirts? The fabric must be prepared by applying a layer of a special liquid and doing a short ironing (with your sublimation machine) before starting the printing process. In the printing process, the machine applies a white layer on the fabric , and then begins to apply the colored layers.

What should we consider in this process:

  • The material where this process is carried out is normally cotton.
  • T-shirts require a preparation process before printing.
  • Printing is done exclusively on t-shirts.
  • This process does not allow you to work one shirt at a time.
  • The areas for printing are limited.
  • The cost of the process does not vary much depending on the volume.

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