Printing with latex ink

Impresión con tinta latex

In this post we will talk about a type of printing that has revolutionized the graphic industry market, unlike the technique mentioned above, it focuses on materials that are going to be exposed to different environments and which are flexible.

This process is known as printing with latex ink , this ink is composed of pigments and resin in a water base, these components allow the mixture to stick on the support and the resin when it dries creates a resistant image. When subjected to heat, the water evaporates, causing the resin to melt and form a layer that protects the pigments, giving them durability.

How is the printing process?

The print heads pour the ink onto the material, then the heating units take care of evaporating the liquid part, leaving only the pigments and resin on the material. To carry out this type of printing, we must have a computer with the capacity to carry out the heating process during printing.

This type of printing is used both indoors and outdoors, to improve the durability and quality of the prints, a laminate is placed on the print.

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