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In this next year that is almost beginning, we hope to be able to continue creating as many things as we have been doing throughout this year, and it occurred to us that one way to help the community of entrepreneurs in the graphic industry is by proposing some ideas of businesses that could help expand your business.

First we will talk about a new skill that you can acquire, and it is quite interesting (you can acquire it digitally using your design programs), lettering , which consists of drawing the letters , this is a type of design that gives it a more personalized to the designs and that has had a great boom this year. After we know how to handle this type of design, we can move on to some ideas that would help you apply it.

Pyrography , pyrography consists of engraving wood (it is a manual way of doing it), where you use a hot tip pen, which when it comes into contact with the wood "burns it", allowing you to create the engraving, depending on the tip you use It will be the result of your work.

Singe quill , is a technique of engraving on wood, which consists of drawing with a marker on the wood, then with a heat gun you heat the area where the drawing is located and the engraved design begins to reflect, giving a "burn" effect.

After we put forward these proposals, the business ideas that occurred to us that could be developed are:

  • A line of personalized kitchen utensils with messages and names.
  • A set of keychains as reminders of an activity.
  • Personalize your own t-shirts using sublimation markers, where you draw the image or message on sublimation paper and you can iron it on the t-shirt.

These are some ideas that we bring you to start the year with creativity, if you can think of any, leave it in the comments to be able to share it in the community.

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