business idea; Business Uniforms

Idea de negocios; Uniformes Empresariales

A business idea for you to undertake, are business uniforms , you can launch a whole line of products for companies.

How can I start:

As we always say that businesses, it is good to start them with the MVP, Minimum Viable Product, that is, you can start by getting customers to make sales, you can do this by contacting companies, pending when there are fairs and activities to offer the products, but outsourcing the service to make a name for yourself, then you can scale up and acquire your equipment.

What equipment do you need:

What products can I create:

  • Polyester T-shirts, sublimated
  • Angel eye t-shirts - Drifit, sublimated
  • Sublimated polyester polo shirts.
  • Embroidered cotton t-shirts.
  • Embroidered cotton polo shirts.

Do I need to have a strong design skill?

No, design programs and software are basic and quite practical. What we do recommend is to be patient, because it will be a learning curve.

Do I require a lot of space:

You can start in a small room in your house.

We hope that this business idea will help you get started in the world of customization. This is not your only alternative to start. We will be sharing more options.

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