Digital tools to improve our efficiency

Herramientas digitales para mejorar nuestra eficiencia

This week we bring you a super interesting topic, which intertwines design, administration and better management of your business. They are digital tools , these exist and are within our reach, so we must use them to improve our business.

What tools could help us for our business:

  • Accounting and inventory tools : these are ideal for keeping track of our business, from our finances, to the creation of reports to evaluate how our business is behaving, it also allows us to obtain statistics and know our behavior. In the same way we can keep track of our inventory.
  • Management of social networks: these allow us to manage our pages, to be more efficient, how many times it happens to us that "we forget" to publish or "we miss responding to a message" these help us to have better control in these situations.
  • Design applications : ideal for preparing our images to customize in our different products, we are used to hearing the Adobe series, but there are many more platforms available for this type of work, we have from normal plotter design to paid ones.

Which ones do you recommend:

Accounting and inventory tools :

  • quickbooks
  • rejoice
  • Live Accounting

Management of social networks:

  • Hoot Suite
  • Buffer
  • Facebookads, this serves us for advertising and promotions on our page.

Design Applications:

  • canvas
  • Inkscape, this allows us to vectorize our designs.
  • Gimp, this application is focused on image editing.

These that we recommend are some basic ones, which we had commented on in our instagram posts. But there are many more options available to improve your business and be more efficient.

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