Metal Parts Engraving

Grabado de Piezas de Metal

In this week's topic we will talk about engraving on metal parts, on many occasions when buying an engraving equipment, our clients do not ask:

Can I engrave metal with this machine?

The answer will depend on different factors, which we will detail below.

What are the engraving options I have?

  • CNC
  • milling
  • CO2 laser
  • abrasive liquid
  • fiber optic laser

With the equipment you have available, what options do I have?

With your Silhouette Cameo 4 , you can engrave metal using the engraving blade . This technique could be considered milling and involves "scratching" the surface of the material with the tip of the blade. Here 's an example.

With your Cricut Maker and Cricut Maker 3 , you have the same option, with the embossing blade, you "scratch" the surface.

With the Laser Engraving Machine , you can engrave and personalize painted metal or metals with surface finishes, as the machine burns the surface creating the engraving effect. Here is a sample of the results.

With the Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine , you have the same alternative of metal and treated surfaces.

What would be the best metals to engrave?
Varnished or anodized metals; Stainless steel, Steel, aluminum, some anodized metals, copper and brass.

What if I want to engrave another type of metal?
You must perform a surface treatment, there are sprays and finishes on the market that are placed on the metal, so when passing the laser it creates a layer on the surface giving it the finish.

It's erased?

It depends on the type of engraving, but due to the material and the power of the laser, it should not be erased since it is a permanent process.

It's hard?
No, we have shared several videos working with both teams and they are quite simple to use.

Well, we hope that this brief summary where we talk a little about the metal engraving process has been helpful. We will be sharing different tests on our channel so that you understand the process with corrosive materials.

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