Finance for entrepreneurs pt.1

Finanzas para emprendedores pt.1

In this blog entry we will give you some tips that can help you as an entrepreneur to manage the finances of your business. We are going to divide it into several parts so that you can get advice on how to carry out your business:

Separate personal finances from business : you must know how to separate finances to know what is the capital that manages your business and know the level of liquidity you have. If you don't separate the finances, you can believe that all the money that comes in is yours.

Keep reports and control of finances : it is not only that you must separate finances, but also have reports and keep income statements, to understand how the numbers behave in your business.

Learn the basic concepts : this is a very important aspect when starting to control and manage finances, and that is that we must spend time knowing and understanding the concepts that we handle in our business. If you want to learn more concepts access this blog post .

Set goals and objectives : just as you have goals and objectives at the strategic level, you must set goals and objectives at the financial level that contribute to the growth of the business.

Never stop investing : you cannot forget that your business is a machine that stops growing if you stop fueling it, so you should never stop investing in your project.

Well guys, we hope that this first part of finances for entrepreneurs has been helpful, we will continue adding tips and going into detail on how to manage the finances of our business.

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Desde 2017