Factors to consider for the use of the plotter

Factores a considerar para el uso del plotter

What should I take into account with my plotter? If you have already acquired one of these pieces of equipment, this step is very important when using it for the first time, that you learn all the details of the equipment, that we consider the speed and pressure with which works, and let's make sure to give it the best configuration which will allow us to obtain excellent results.

When go to work , remember to place the paper taking into account the "0" mark and securing the paper with the insurance that the plotter has.

Then you must choose the blade , depending on the material to be worked on, the blade may vary. Here are some recommendations:

  • 30° blade, use it on thick materials.
  • 45° blade, use it on vinyl, and everyday use.
  • 60° blade, use it on small cuts.

After choosing the blade, it is important that you fix it on your plotter , a bad positioning of the blade can affect your cuts.

The next step is to regulate the speed and pressure; Let's better understand these concepts. The speed refers to how fast the blade moves, when a speed is greater than that indicated, the letters are hooked and the material is hooked, even if it is very slow the same thing can happen. In the case of pressure , it refers to how much our blade goes down to cut the material, if when removing the paper the blade passes through it, the pressure is high.

After knowing these details. we must create " our configurations ", by this we mean spending some time to know the materials that your plotter cuts and the configurations it needs.

We hope that this little tip will help you in the use of your plotter.

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