Expanding your knowledge about textile vinyl

Expandiendo tus conocimientos sobre el vinil textil

Previously we had talked about textile vinyl and its different uses, now we will clarify what we must take into account when buying it, and which one suits you best according to the project to be carried out.

The textile vinyl is made of plastic , there are two types made with PVC and PU , based on this we must clarify that the vinyl made with PVC are harder, and the texture is quite rough, but they are easier to cut. , while those made with PU are softer, they have a transparent protector that has adhesive and are better for more elaborate designs, because their adhesive makes the cleaning process easier.

How much does the brand influence the behavior of vinyl? Depending on the brand , the vinyl can have an almost imperceptible texture, or a greater ability to stretch. So yes, it is a factor to take into account, when purchasing the material, you should also consider the type of project to be carried out, because depending on the type of vinyl, different brands will be available.

What are some of the vinyl variants?

Here we will leave you a small list of the different types of vinyl and their name, so you can identify it:

  • Flock : gives the texture of velvet.

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  • Glitter – Features a frosty glitter finish.
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  • 3D vinyl: it is a vinyl that creates a 3D effect on the surface.

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Reflective Vinyl: this type of material reflects when in contact with light.

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