Expanding my business, Printing stickers

Expandiendo mi negocio, Impresión de stickers

This week's theme refers to a new area of ​​expansion for your business, and that is the printing of labels or stickers. This process allows you to create adhesive prints to place on notebooks, containers, etc. There are several processes to do it, but here we will explain the simplest ones that you can do from home with your equipment.

What types of paper are there?

  • Label Adhesive Paper
  • Printable adhesive vinyl
  • Clear printable adhesive vinyl
What can you create with these papers?
  • Adhesive stickers with your logo or a message.
  • identify products
  • name tags

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You can also make labels for envelopes and shipping documents .

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What should we take into account when making a label?

You should look at the type of paper , the printing technology it uses, and its durability . Because this is going to define what type of products you are going to use them for, and how we should apply them to obtain the best result.

What does the type of paper mean?

The type of paper refers to the nature of the material, labels that come pre-cut are usually made of paper, while you can find vinyl sheets for printing. How does this affect the result? Those that are made of paper are less durable, and can be affected by external factors, while those that are printed on vinyl, usually have greater durability and can be used in places of great use. The manufacturer details the material it is made of, but we always recommend that you test what you are going to use the material for.

How does printing technology influence?

In what the result will look like, as you already know inkjet printing is affected by water, while laser printing lacks image quality and heat can affect the surface of the paper. So what do we do in this case? , buy the papers that adapt to these technologies , although there are variants and alternatives to work with them, in the next post we will show you what we mean in more detail. On the product label they tell you what you can use it for.

How do I determine durability?

This is one of the items that the manufacturer points out on the label, but we recommend that you try it for yourself. Why? because although they describe in detail the use, how it works and what it works for, in some cases it is not the reality. On the other hand we have the level of adhesive, it can be a printable adhesive vinyl for inkjet but the level of adhesive is not as durable as the laser model of the same brand. That is why we recommend that you test this aspect.

We hope we have helped you with this topic, you can continue reading more in detail in our next post.

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