Expand your business, how to work Full Print?

Expande tu negocio, ¿Cómo trabajar Full Print?

In this post we will talk about how you can continue expanding your business, in this case applying the full or complete sublimation. This process requires the printing of the entire shirt, below we will see the two ways in which we can work it.

To work full print, it depends on the design to be made. One of the options is to make designs using the patterns of the t-shirt to work with.

Example of t-shirt patterns.

After making the pattern designs, you proceed to print the designs with your sublimation printing plotter and proceed to iron it.

  • Now comes a question, what size should my plate be to be able to work on these projects?

It depends on the tshirt that you are going to make, but here we leave you an image of the measurements that a tshirt has, and taking this information into account, you could consider the sizes of the plates.

Size pattern T-Shirt | Mens sewing patterns, Shirt sewing ...

Sample sizes of tshirts

As we can see from the measurements of the tshirts, we could start working on this type of project with a 60cm x 80cm plate, that is, 24"x32 ".

After ironing the fabric, we must sew the shirt.

The other option to work full print, if you do not have experience in sewing or you are not going to use this process. It consists of ironing the cooked fabric .

The process is quite similar, the difference is that you are going to do the complete printing on the shirt. But this process has a disadvantage , and that is that there will be areas which cannot be sublimated , due to the sewing. So if the design requires it to be complete, we do not recommend this option.

On the other hand, you can work on full print by applying patterns on your shirt.

In this case we refer to designs that are not continuous, so you can choose the areas to iron them avoiding the marks of the previous process, and this process does not require the use of patterns or seams.

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