Evaluate your progress

Evalua tu progreso

We have commented on this on countless occasions, but we love to refer to this topic, because the only way to grow and go to the next level is by analyzing and evaluating our weeks, by this we mean that you must evaluate your weekly progress Based on the objectives set and how you managed to achieve them.

Let's make it easier with an example; For the week of October 21 to 25, we set ourselves the following objectives:

  • Reach an average sales of RD$200,000

To achieve this goal I must:

  • Visit a total of 50 clients, of which 30 must be new.
  • Place ads on my social networks.
  • Create weekly promotions.
  • Participate in the forum to be held in X, where I could promote my product.
  • Visit 10 of my distributors offering them new products.
  • Analyze which products have low inventory, to supply them and not lose sales.

So starting from this list, you start on Monday, taking action based on the activities mentioned, if on Monday you remember that you met that friend at 5pm to "go for coffee", you must prioritize the most relevant activities for that day to be able to meet your deadlines.

So when Friday afternoon arrives, you can sit down to analyze your goal for the week, if you did not meet it, analyze what actions you did not take or did not take into account and if you did, analyze how you can do so that you are actions are more effective and faster .

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