Do I need to get organized?

¿Es necesario que me organice?

This is the first step to take your "hobby" to a business, how do you organize your space, we do not mean that you need a large office with 10 desks, and 2 assistants, but that table that you have with your equipment must be organized in the best way possible. Why? Because you begin to give character to your business .

What is the best way to do this?

Leave what is necessary , get rid of what is superficial . Things that are not primary or completely necessary, don't have them. Do not think: "someday I will need it", since on many occasions that "someday we will use it"; we forget we have it and will probably buy again.

Designate work areas , those are the spaces in your office designated to certain activities, such as cutting or ironing, so you can place each piece of equipment in its corresponding area.

Organize your space , according to what you use , prioritize the things you use the most, placing priority things in easy-to-reach places, and the rest in drawers.

Store documents and papers that are not used daily, thus reducing the space that they can occupy on your desk, and you can have the things of daily use at hand.

We hope that these tips will be of help to you, and to give your business more personality." The best organization does not guarantee results. But a wrong structure would be a guarantee of failure." Peter Drucker.

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Desde 2017