Digital Duplicator

Duplicadora Digital

In this week's topic we will talk a little about this equipment, it may be that we have already seen it in our day to day, but we have confused it with a toner printer, but the truth is that this product is known as a Digital Duplicator .

Some questions may have arisen regarding this, for example:

  • What is the difference between this equipment and a laser printer?

The difference is the way this equipment works, which is made for large-scale printing, thus reducing the cost per volume.

  • How does it work?

1. First place your document, text side down, on the machine's glass scanning surface.
2. The digital duplicator scans the image on the paper.
3. The image is engraved in a wax-based pattern through small dots. Different duplicators have different resolutions called DPI (dots per inch).
4. The pattern is wound around an ink drum.
5. The drum, filled with ink, squeezes the ink out through the small holes in the pattern.
6. As the drum rotates, it rolls over the paper, leaving the image on the paper.
7. The paper comes out of the machine and the process continues with more paper or ends.

  • What are the main advantages?

The ink that this equipment uses is much less expensive than toner.

  • Why is this process not more common?

Because it is not customary to create large amounts of copying of a product and the duplicator requires the creation of a pattern, which makes it more expensive than normal toner printers for small runs.

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