DTF - Direct To Film, Knowing more about the process

DTF - Direct To Film, Conociendo más del proceso

Previously we talked about the DTF technique, but on that occasion we referred to the direct-to-fabric printing process, this time we talked about the direct-to-film printing technique.

  • How does it work?

In this case we refer to the process of printing an image on a PET film, which is the support. What we do is place the PET roll in the printer and print the image, then we put a layer of white ink on the design.

After printing our image, we proceed to sprinkle it with polyamide powder, and heat it so that the polyamide melts.

The last step is to print the design on the shirt.

  • Where can I apply the design?

On any textile surface.

  • Does it work in dark colors?


  • Do you use normal sublimation ink?

No, it works with special DTF ink.

  • Does it replace other techniques?

Like sublimation, textile vinyl and transfer, they are options to personalize shirts, it is a complement to traditional techniques.

We hope that this introduction to the DTF technique has been helpful. We recommend that you continue investigating if it is a process that can help your business.

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Desde 2017