Giving shine to our projects, thermo-adhesive stones

Dandole brillo a nuestros proyectos, piedrería termoadhesiva

In this week's topic we will talk about customizing t-shirts using sequins and rhinestones. We will also discuss how you can work with these materials.

How do I work the sequins?

In the case of sequins, we have several ways to apply it, one of the options is using sublimable sequins . For this, the material can be worked directly or a sublimable part of the fabric can be used to adhere it to the fabric.

In the local market, sequins are currently available in cushions.

Another option is to work the sequins by sewing them or adhering them to the tshirt. In the case of sewing, we must work the sequins one by one. On the other hand, if we stick them to the shirt we can work with strips and stick them with a hot glue gun.

How do I apply the rhinestones? How is the proccess?

This process is worked with special stones known as HotFix , these are stones that have a thermo-adhesive face. Стразовая цепь, стразы, полужемчуг. Недорого!!! - Страница 1 - Форум танца живота So how do we place it on our fabric?

Hotfix Transfer Tutorial - YouTube

Image taken from rhinstonecraftsupplies

  • We must create the design using a template, placing each of the stones in its place.
  • Then we proceed to collect the design using a transfer paper.
  • We proceed to iron it on the shirt at 150 ° C for 20-30 seconds.
  • We remove the protective plastic and we have our design.

The other way we have is by using our Hot Fix tool ,

This tool is similar to a soldering iron that has a tip that heats, this tip has the shape of the stone, it is responsible for collecting it.

After collecting the stone, we proceed to place it on the surface . It is important to highlight that it can be adhered to any surface, plastic, fabric, wood, etc. When placing it, we must exert pressure so that it adheres. We remove the tool and thus the process has concluded.

We no longer have excuses to give a touch of shine to our customization work, in the coming weeks we will be sharing tests regarding the application of these materials.

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