What are the types of textile vinyl?

¿Cuáles son los tipos de vinil textil?
In this week's post we are going to share the types of textile vinyl and what you should take into account when ordering it. Textile vinyl has several classifications:
  • for its finish
  • for its use

Based on this, we are going to choose the vinyl that suits our needs. Due to its finish, this will depend on the texture and color of the textile vinyl.

What types of textile vinyl for its finish:

  • Plain or colored textile vinyl: this is the traditional textile vinyl, which comes in rolls for complete colors, either neon or normal colors.
  • Glitter textile vinyl: this is the textile vinyl comes in colors and has a shiny frosted finish.
  • Holographic textile vinyl: this textile vinyl, as its name indicates, has a shiny finish with a rainbow effect, which shines from different angles.
  • Metallic textile vinyl: this textile vinyl has a shiny metallic finish, giving a reflective effect.
  • Flock or velvet textile vinyl: it is a type of textile vinyl that has a textured finish, giving the effect of similar to suede.
  • Reflective textile vinyl: as its name indicates, this textile vinyl has white, but when it receives the reflection of light, it shines. Ideal to use as a security measure.

What types of textile vinyl do we have for its use:

In this case we are going to divide it into 2 main categories:

Cut textile vinyl, this classification includes all the textile vinyls that come in complete rolls by colors, and to use them we must carry out a cutting process.

Printing textile vinyl: in this case it refers to the textile vinyl that we must print, there are two presentations of this vinyl. Depending on the printing technology, we have those that are printed with eco- solvent plotters and those that are printed with inkjet printers . Those of eco- solvent plotters are classified according to their finish in:

  • Brightness
  • Matte

Since we clarify the types of textile vinyl, can you order them without problems?
Run to see the alternatives we have available here .
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