Which mechanism is best for my sublimation machine?

¿Cuál mecanismo es mejor para mi máquina de sublimación?

When purchasing a sublimation machine, apart from looking at the brand or the quality of the accessories, we must consider the opening mechanism of the machine.

What is the use of knowing this?

Well, the most convenient sublimation model for our business will depend on the space we have to work, and the opening mechanism of the equipment.

Opening mechanisms for the flat plate

Plates with Vertical Opening

This model has an upward opening when opening the equipment, this is more convenient when preparing the tshirt to work and does not require extra space

Plates with Rotating Mechanism

This model has a rotating opening, so the area around the plate must be clear to work optimally.

Cup Opening Mechanisms

In this case we have the vertical cup machines, in this model the resistance is placed vertically, and the resistance is adjusted to sublimate. The disadvantage of this model is that we cannot choose the area to place the resistance.

On the other hand we have the horizontal cup mechanism , in this we must open the machine and place the cup horizontally, the advantage of this model is that we can choose the area in which we want to place the piece of cups

Splitting mechanism for cap machine

As with the flat sublimation machines, the cap models open vertically or horizontally, they are the same differences mentioned above. Only the rotating model requires us to reduce the pressure more to be able to stamp the plate, that is, to lift the plate, in order to be able to place the cap properly. You can see the process here

We hope that this brief presentation of the types of mechanisms of our thermal plates have been helpful. Remember to choose the one that best suits your demand.

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