What machine do I need to start my business?

¿Cuál máquina necesito para iniciar mi negocio?

In this week's post we will talk about what equipment you need to get started in the world of customization.

The classification of the equipment will depend on the production capacity, this means that we have industrial equipment, medium work equipment and crafts . On the other hand, the classification will depend on the number of accessories that the team allows us to work with, that is, individually or in combo .

The equipment according to the number of accessories they have are classified as:
Individual models , these teams are focused on a specific task, which represents an advantage, since they have more durability and offer us higher quality of work. But it has the disadvantage that they only allow us to perform one task at a time, so we must buy all the separate equipment, requiring a higher initial investment.

Combo models , these teams allow us to start in the world of customization with a wide variety of options at a low initial investment cost. On the other hand, they have the disadvantage that all the pieces depend on the central controller, which represents a greater workload for it.

Sublimation equipment due to its work capacity is classified as:

  • Industrial , as its name indicates, allow us to carry out industrial-sized work, from sweaters to complete t-shirts.
  • The medium-duty ones , these teams allow us to create projects with a higher level of professionalism and are an alternative to start the personalization business, without such a high investment.
  • The crafts equipment allows us to get started in the world of customization with a low investment, but with the disadvantage that they do not allow us to graduate some configurations of the process.

What equipment do I need to start?
If you want to start in a specific area, the recommendation is to do it with an individual team and start building your workshop according to need. If you want to start with a wide variety of options , the ideal is to do it with a combo model .

If you want to know more models access here.

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