What is the type of plotter I need for my business?

¿Cuál es el tipo de plotter que necesito para mi negocio?

During the week we were using a dynamic where we questioned the type of business that we were going to carry out or the projects that we were going to work on, what would be the team for us, in this post we will also talk about the details of these teams and what is the necessary for us.

How do I know if I need one of these teams?
First of all, these equipments are mostly used for printing or cutting jobs, either on flexible materials or in large formats. Although in many cases they are used to make cuts in small sizes or large volume prints.

What are the main options?
In the case of plotters, apart from their technology and process, you have the 3 main types.

Cutting plotter: These are used, as their name indicates, to cut materials. In this case, we are presented with different models that allow us to cut from flexible materials to materials with 2mm and 3mm thickness. Some models:

  • Silhouette
  • Cricut
  • generic
  • GCC
  • Roland

Printing plotter: These allow us to make prints on different materials, mostly used for flexible materials such as vinyl, paper. Remember that different technologies and processes are involved here, which will vary depending on the brand of plotter. Some of the brands:

  • mimaki
  • Roland
  • Canyon
  • Epson

Printing and cutting plotter: In this case, they are equipment that allows printing and cutting of materials, these are ideal for decal work as well as vinyl textile printing.

Starting from this, remember to take into account the work that you are going to do by answering the questions that we share in our publications and proceed to investigate which is the most convenient model for you.

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