What is the best positioning for my products?

¿Cuá es el mejor posicionamiento para mis productos?

This concept refers to the image that we want to project to the public about our product and the brand, we must clarify that it is a basic "positioning map", we can find gray areas and look for different alternatives.

  • What is positioning?

This concept refers to our position in the market, which will allow us to differentiate ourselves by adopting concepts and strategies that are in accordance with this idea. In other words, if we are focused on the craftsmanship of a product, we will be able to establish and sell our brand in a different way than an industrial manufacturing company would, which will attract a specific public that will be willing to adopt different prices according to the need we supply.

Here we show you some main characteristics that can help you establish your brand, and define the type of differentiation we are looking for.

When positioning your brand, you must choose the aspect that will define your brand, that is:

If you choose organic products , you are going to target a segment of the market that is looking for products made in a natural way, which is going to entail a whole different promotion strategy than if we were to focus on low prices. In other words, if we offer organic products, these must be as transparent as possible, which means that we are going to have a more sophisticated manufacturing process, which may entail a higher cost, which refers to a higher price and a different segment.

Also, we have superior quality , which means that our product meets quality standards, which will give it greater durability and better performance when carrying out its function, here it attracts a completely different market. of the aforementioned,

On the other hand, if you choose low prices , you are focusing on a market that cares more about low cost than any other feature, which will lead you to constantly improve your processes to save costs and be able to offer this advantage.

And lastly we have customer satisfaction , here all the pre-sale and post-sale service that can be offered to the client is taken into account, that is, after selling a product you offer follow-up on their needs and the client you can feel that "accompaniment" throughout the process.

Here we give you a brushstroke of some characteristics that you can take into account to position your product in the market, they are not the only ones, but they are basic concepts that you can combine until you know where to place it and how to develop your brand based on these concepts.

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