Cricut Maker vs Silhouette Cameo 4

Cricut Maker vs Silhouette Cameo 4

Cricut Maker vs Silhouette Cameo 4? Which is better? Always when purchasing a cutting equipment, the question arises, which is better? Which one suits my needs? This will depend on the project you are going to carry out, we are going to place the main characteristics of each model so that you can compare them.

Cricut Maker

Measurements: 22.6″x 7.09″ x 6.22″

Cutting Area: 12"x24"

Cutting force: 4000kg

Cutting thickness: 2.4mm

Connectivity: USB/Bluetooth

Mobile applications: Available 


  • Rotary Blade , Ideal for cutting fabric
  • Scoring Wheel : It allows us to perform dry cutting.
  • Knife Blade : Ideal for cutting balsa wood.
  • Basic Perforation Blade : allows us to create perforations to our designs, it creates easy dropdowns.
  • Egraving Tip : Allows you to engrave different materials.
  • Wavy Blade : Create wavy contours on your cutting materials.
  • Fine Debossing Tip : Tool used to create reliefs.

Silhouette Cameo 4

Measurements: 22.44" x 7.68" x 6.69"

Cutting area: 12"x10'/ 15"x10'/ 24"x10'

Cutting force: 5,000kg

Cutting thickness: 3mm

Connectivity: USB/Bluetooth

Mobile applications: Not Available 


  • Rotary Blade , Ideal for cutting fabric.
  • Deep cut blade : Blade to cut 2mm thick material
  • Knife Blade : Ideal blade for cutting balsa wood and thicker materials.
  • Punch Blade : This blade marks the removable area of ​​the materials, where we must clean.
  • Premium Blade: Premium Blade offers greater durability

Which is better?

If we look at technical characteristics, the Silhouette Cameo has greater advantages, but the Cricut offers us greater versatility when working with materials due to the variety of tools it has.

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