Create laptop protectors and covers

Crea protectores de laptops y covers

In this week's topic we will talk about a business alternative that you have with the materials and equipment that you already have; customization of covers, screen protectors and laptop. How does it work:

We have two alternatives, the first is to design and create the designs for our teams, taking the measurements of the area to work and creating the design. To work on the design we must use our cutting plotters, either cricut or silhouette or large plotters.

The other option is to acquire protectionpro or Devia brand plotters. What do these equipments consist of? Why should we buy these models?

These brands have developed applications that have the measurements and designs for the equipment, both for laptops, as covers and screen protectors, any design that is going to be created that is not available in the library can be added in advance. The applications are free, but to use them you must have a device of that brand, since they are identified by the device code.

This type of equipment requires us to work with the brand's templates and vinyls, which somewhat limits the level of scope in designs, but helps us to have greater control over the cuts that we are going to make.

How can you do it?

  • Create the design on your cutting plotter
  • Cut the design and clean the vinyl
  • Collect the design with your transfer tape
  • Place the design on the surface

As always we will be sharing the process on our youtube channel.

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