Textile vinyl cutting configurations

Configuraciones de corte del vinil textil

There are a wide variety of vinyls, but do they work the same? we really need to check the trim settings. Since the thicker the material, the more pressure and force we will need to cut it. Here we explain a little more about vinyl and some recommendations

  • PVC textile vinyl is the thickest, due to the type of material it is made of, it normally requires a higher ironing temperature and must be removed cold.
  • PU textile vinyl, is the finest, the ironing time is very light and it is removed when hot.

Both PU and PVC textile vinyl should be checked in mirror mode .

What settings do we use?

  • For PU textile vinyl

Silhouette Studio: Smooth Heat Transfer

Cricut Design Space: Iron on

  • For PVC textile vinyl

Silhouette Studio: Metallic Heat Transfer

Cricut Design Space: Iron on +

What other recommendations do you have for textile vinyl:

  • It is trimmed on the face where the material is located.
  • Remember to crop it mirror mode.
  • It is important to place the textile vinyl on a template so that the plotter does not break it.
  • Fix the textile vinyl well on the template so that it does not move.

Some ideas about the use of textile vinyl, if you want to see a comparison of these materials you can access this link .

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