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Configuraciones de color

In this week's topic we address the issue of color settings when printing with our sublimation printer. On many occasions they tell us that they cannot reach certain tones when printing their sublimation image.

Let's clarify why this situation may be presenting:
The tones that we see on the screen are not necessarily the tones that we are going to obtain when printing. It is very important to take this into account, since our screen works RGB and CMYK printers , so a neon pink that we see on the screen does not necessarily look like that when printed and sublimated.

Another aspect is the color configuration of the image , when entering the configuration menu of our printer we can alter the tones, saturation, contrast and brightness, making the same printer can give us 4 different tones.

Consider the type of paper you are going to print on, if you configure the printer with a "glossy" or "bright" type of paper, this will cause it to print with a greater amount of ink affecting the tones.

What software should I use? In this case there is no specific one, what you must make sure is that you can access the configuration menu of your printer.

If you have already followed all these steps and you still cannot find the desired tones, you should start configuring the colors of your image, in this case we already recommend doing it in photoshop, modifying the tones and the saturation levels of the image.

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