Sharing our business idea

Compartiendo nuestra idea de negocio

In this week's post we will talk about "sharing our business idea", sometimes we think that we shouldn't, that we should have it just for us until it becomes the BIG BUSINESS . But the truth is that the small feedbacks that we are receiving along the way and that we are adapting, are what allow us to create that GREAT BUSINESS .

Why is it worth sharing my idea or situation of my business ?

Because as we know, our business will not remain static from the time we start it until 10 or 15 years have elapsed, but rather it will evolve together with us and must receive external feedback. Let's explain it with an example:

You decide to start preparing brownies , it is a recipe that has been in your family for generations, and you have realized that a demand for brownies has arisen, so you start preparing them, after a few months sales drop , and you start to feel that sense of failure , that good things don't last , and you begin to lock yourself in a circle that doesn't allow you to go to the next level. Remember adversities only make us stronger, so a Saturday night they get together to prepare a dinner with friends, and you see some colleagues having problems preparing a nice little sky , so you help her and it turns out that it is easier than you remembered and in several dinners and personal events, your friends They ask you to make sweet and sweet heaven , in one of this dinner you comment the situation to one of your friends and she asks you: What else do you know how to do? , and right there you make a menu of your main dishes, she tells you if you have thought about diversifying it more and adding transient drinks and dishes , after a while this friend contacts you to update and find out how your menu is going, you tell her that you added more dishes and she formally hires you to assist her with the catering of a business activity that she organized. If we see it from the outside we could think "What does one thing have to do with the other?", but the truth is we could create a whole tasting menu for events, making all kinds of snacks, so BOOM your business went from making "brownies " to do catering service .

Of course, you might think: But, what if my idea is about technology? Currently, the market is quite competitive, because even if you keep certain " information ", you must still share your strategy and the phases of your product, to validate that it will be a profitable business that actually fills a need.

We hope that these examples have helped you to see more clearly why it is important to share our business ideas, and if we are going through a difficult time , a second opinion can make us see the bigger picture.

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