How can I work the sublicotton? (Some secrets)

¿Cómo puedo trabajar el sublicotton?(Algunos secretos)

Previously we talked about the different techniques to personalize cotton t-shirts, but come on, what other alternatives do we have? In the local market we have:

  • Sublicotton
  • Polymation, transfer for light fabric
  • Subcotton Spray
  • Polyamide
  • Textile Vinyl

But in this post we are going to analyze the process to use the yellow checkered subcotton paper or the Jet Pro SS.

What is sublicotton or Jet Pro SS? It is a type of transfer paper that is used to work light cotton t-shirts. Remember that the transfer is a plastic material that adheres to the fabric.

What is the difference between this material and a traditional transfer paper? The finish that it offers us and the ink with which it is used, since they can be worked with sublimation ink.

So what is the process?

  • To print this type of material we must print it in mirror mode.
  • Trim excess material.
  • Stamp it on the shirt at 180°C for 20 seconds.
  • Wait for it to cool down to remove the protective paper.
  • Stamp a second time with silicone paper at 180°C for 20 seconds.

But what happens when I give it the second ironing? You are making the paper adhere more to the fibers of the fabric, thus giving it better grip and durability.

What durability do they have?

This paper in normal washing conditions is enough for 3-6 washes.

What washing recommendations do you have?

  • Like those used with the transfer, we recommend:
  • wash inside out
  • Do not expose to high temperatures
  • Do not wash with hot water
  • Avoid the use of strong detergents.

How can you ensure this?

As you always know that we like to test materials, here we share the result after several washes of different materials. Access the link .

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