How can I work acrylic?

¿Cómo puedo trabajar el acrílico?

This is an excellent material, quite versatile that can be used to make business cards, recognition cards and many other projects. We talk about acrylic .

First we are going to define this material, acrylic is an acid obtained by combining hydrogen cyanide or hydrocyanic acid on ethylene oxide. By polymerizing these materials we obtain a plastic that is known as acrylic, it is characterized by being less dangerous than glass and lighter than it, apart from being recyclable and resistant to sound.

Where can we see this material applied :

  • Luminous panels
  • Advertisements
  • signs
  • exhibitors
  • panels
  • Due to the Covid situation, the dividing screens
  • store fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Urban Furniture
  • cribs
  • Security guards, and the list goes on.

How could we work this material:
Previously we had talked to you about processes to work the material, which included laser engraving, etc.

But in this post we are going to start with some basic types that could help you understand the material and see what approaches you can give it.

  • Personalization of acrylic with adhesive vinyl : this is one of the most common uses that we can see, since a large part of the personalized keyrings are made with this material.
  • Direct engraving: there are tools such as dremels that allow us to engrave acrylic manually.
  • Engraving with a cutting plotter : With our cutting plotters, Silhouette and Cricut we can adapt engraving tools to work with the material.
  • Bending of the material: acrylic is a plastic material that, when subjected to a sufficient amount of heat, can be bent, giving us the option of creating shapes.
  • Direct Printing: Using large format UV equipment, we can print images directly onto the material.
  • Decal Paper : to create water-based decals that allow us to customize the material.
  • Cut the material: to cut this material we can do it using a hand saw or a bench saw.

We hope that these techniques for working with acrylic will help you create new projects for your business.

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