How could we take advantage of this quarantine time?

¿Cómo podriamos aprovechar este tiempo de cuarentena?

This situation in which we find ourselves has led us to take measures to prevent the spread of the virus, one of these measures is to stay in our homes applying social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. What gives us an opportunity to take advantage of the time we will spend in our to develop different skills.

Remember that you have already started this ladder of entrepreneurship, and this quarantine time can be an option to take measures regarding your business, some things you could do are;

  • analyze your finances
  • Create sales strategies
  • inventory control
  • Technical workshops about your business

These are activities that we are going to carry out at a business level for the development of your business, another option if you are together with your loved ones, is to do recreational activities that involve them all, such as:

  • Physical training
  • Table games
  • Reading
  • physical learning

How at EMI, we seek to help you in each process of your development, we will be sharing information on these topics so that you can put us into practice during these days.

We are going to start by leaving one of our favorite routines when we have to exercise from home, to do this we recommend that you take a large space in your house, where you can move freely, that you use the appropriate clothing and footwear.

This youtube channel provides us with routines to focus on different parts of the body, but we recommend that you start with this routine:


It's quite basic, we don't overload ourselves if we're used to exercising and as you pick up the pace you can add routines.

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