How can we achieve success by working as a team?, Review of Netflix's "The Last Dance" series

¿Cómo podemos lograr el éxito trabajando en equipo?, Review de la serie

In this post we will talk a little about "How to achieve success by working as a team?" This topic arose from a reflection made while we were watching "The Last Dance" the Netflix series about Michael Jordan and the Chicagos Bulls, we invite you to watch it .

  • How am I the best?

Sometimes we want to be the " best " and get results , without realizing that this requires a lot of effort and practice on our part, as we can see during the series , the players explain how they developed their " talent ", for example Michael practiced daily for better his shots, but in the case of Rodman we can see how he became the top rebounder in the league training with his teammates, asking them to throw the ball from different places on the court to understand the trajectory and where it would fall.

  • Is it enough to be the best?

This is something that draws a lot of attention, although from the beginning Michael Jordan stood out for his abilities, we can see that he alone did not achieve the team championships . This is something that we must understand, that we are good, we have focus or certain skills, it does not mean that we are omnipotent and that we can carry out the project successfully on our own.

  • How did you manage to form the team?

In this part we must highlight something important, because here the leader intervenes, the person who is able to see the abilities of each of the team participants , and understands what his role is. In basketball, the position they play is quite clear, but in real life, depending on the person's profile, we have to define or help them define what their role is.

  • How did you manage to develop my team?

This next task is a complement to the previous one, if we take our role as leaders and we already know what the role of each person is, now we have to find a way to get the best out of each one of them. This depends on you. In the series, when they refer to how Michael helped his teammates develop, they said that he was aggressive, super insistent, he could even be considered a dictator . But when the players look back on the situation they realize that he simply wanted to get the best of them. Now it's your turn to create the dynamics to get the best out of your team.

We hope that this review, and comparison of the series with situations of daily life in the development of our projects, will help you get the best out of each person and achieve the objectives set. We recommend that you watch the series and leave us your opinion in the comments.

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