How do we plan our time?

Como planificamos nuestro tiempo

This is a topic directly related to last week, and that is that we learn to meet our deadlines and schedules . If we already have a list of priorities about our activities, then we have to create that sense of " urgency ", to carry them out on the date and at the time we promised ourselves.

We established our goal for the month , which is to reach X volume of sales, for this we determined that we must create a marketing campaign, create promotions on social networks, update our instagram feed, among other activities.

But, when will we carry out these activities? , an easy answer would be: Every day I review my order of priorities, analyze which ones I have carried out and continue with the rest of the activities.

This may be an option, the way to start to create the habit, but as there are always " situations " that lead us to postpone our work, that is why we must set dates , so we will have priorities and activities, this is very important because if we are undertaking we are our own bosses and we must be able to handle ourselves productively.

For example, if you have to update your instagram feed, you have until Thursday at 6pm to do it , if the schedule is not met you will create some penalty, this is a way of making your mind understand that we must organize ourselves to carry out the task. The second way is to remember the negative consequences that not fulfilling this task can bring.

So why do I need dates if I can make each day the priority of that day or just work as much as I can in one day ? Because with dates and deadlines, you program yourself for objectives and activities on a larger scale allowing the growth of your organization, that is, if you want to create a system of purchases and sales, and you simply place orders at your own pace, the day you are not and you must delegate the orders, these will be carried out according to the "capacity" of the person in charge, which is different from yours and can lead to delays. If you do not put dates on activities , you will always be busy because you do the work that you have to do, without feeling goal-oriented.

"What shapes our lives is not what we do once in a while, but what we do constantly." Tony Robbins

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