How to stay focused?

¿Cómo mantenernos enfocados?

Due to the current situation in which we find ourselves, it is normal for fear and disorientation to flood us, but we cannot allow these emotions to control us, because they can lead us to make hasty decisions that may not be the best for us.

Although there are many ways to stay focused, in this case we are going to share some tips so that even if you feel a little disoriented, you do not lose the main focus of your life, and you can maintain growth in this time of doubt.

  1. Be thankful every morning, the first step is to be thankful every morning for the situation you find yourself in, perhaps you don't have the latest car, but today is a new opportunity for you to develop and contribute.
  2. Get organized , as we always tell you, a disorganized space brings disorder to your mind. Organize your workspace by having a place for everything, so you can help yourself think better.
  3. Create a to-do list , sometimes having so many things on our minds we don't know where to start and we get overwhelmed with our tasks, which makes us feel lost, so it is important to create a to-do list to organize ourselves and prioritize chores.
  4. Look at the positive of others, when we feel lost, the slightest thing that others do is an excuse to take it out on them, so before taking this action, we invite you to breathe and focus on the positive, on Sometimes it is good to help others because this makes us take our problems out of our minds, so we can relax.
  5. Analyze your day , at night before bed, do an analysis of your day to see what things happened and how they can affect you and be able to take action on them.
  6. Accept that there are things that you cannot control , another way of not allowing fear and uncertainty to dominate us is to accept that there are things that are beyond our control, and instead of getting upset we must take action as far as we can, putting the rest in God's hands.

We hope that these tips will be of help to you, since they have served us in different situations where we have felt overwhelmed and lost, but it has been a way to focus on what is important.

Emi Group RD

Desde 2017