How do I manage my business in times of quarantine?

¿Cómo manejo mi negocio en tiempos de cuarentena?

This situation has taken us all by surprise, but what we cannot allow is to remain stagnant while the world continues to move, we must see this situation as an opportunity to discover new business ideas, discard others and refocus.

In this post we want to leave you with some tips that have worked for us during this time and we hope that they will help you to know how to restructure and focus your business in times of crisis.

Keep calm , do not close your vision and think that it is the end of the world, be clear that you will come out of this better than how you entered.

Organize , this can be an opportunity to organize your business processes, and see it from another perspective. You may even realize that there is a process that is being carried out inefficiently, affecting your margins.

Talk to your clients , in this time that we are from home, your clients will be willing to talk to you, listen to them, analyze what they need so you can be prepared.

Analyze new channels , many of the current businesses are digital, but in case you have not yet started in this world, it is an excellent opportunity for you to start taking your business digitally.

DON'T TURN OFF , even if the days are "slow" and you don't feel like doing anything, stay active, let your clients realize that you are there for them.

Prepare offers , during the crisis there may be a time of crisis, so prepare offers and gifts for your clients, this to reactivate them.

Observe the opportunities , many people at this time are "afraid" and limit themselves to doing many things, we do not recommend that you take this attitude on the contrary, keep your eyes open observing the investment financing opportunities.

We hope that this day's post will help you open your eyes and observe the opportunities that arise in this time of crisis. Remember that " In moments of crisis , only imagination is more important than knowledge". Albert Einstein

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