How to handle ourselves in this quarantine time?

¿Cómo manejarnos en este tiempo de cuarentena?

This time is an excellent opportunity for us to learn how to manage ourselves, including our finances, in this post we will talk about personal finances, but we will be uploading an entry where we will talk about finances in times of crisis for businesses and some opportunities that are presented to us .

In this time of crisis and impulsive action, we have a few questions that we hope you can answer as honestly as possible:

Have you bought the necessary or have you made impulsive purchases? Do you have all your money "nailed" and therefore you have not bought anything? How do you know what is going in and out at this time?

We hope that you have answered these questions in the most honest way and that they have allowed you to make an analysis of your behavior at this time. Now that you have done an introspection, we will talk about what measures to take at this time to manage ourselves and know what to do.

Plan yourself , At this time it is important that you sit down and analyze the situation, first check what capital you have (Do you have your emergency fund? If so, consider that this is your heritage for this situation), after establishing this , think "Do we have enough supplies to last these days? Is it necessary to make some kind of purchase? If the situation continues, how should I dispose of it?"

Register , you already planned on how you were going to dispose of your money, but in these situations "little things" arise, it is important that you also keep a record of that, and of the income and expenses you have, if you paid for the services, if you received your salary, control of all movement arrives.

Get organized , this is an excellent time to see how we are doing, at the end of the day you can review your record and see how you met your plan, and if you left, how can I replace it? Why did this happen? How can I take action?

Control , we must control the diet we have at this time, due to the anxiety that being in quarantine can cause us, we can be tempted to eat more than necessary, so control the diet you have at home.

Find out about financing options, and how banking institutions are dealing with debts and the current situation.

After taking these measures, it is important that you maintain them for as long as this situation lasts, remember that these measures are on a personal level , since we do not deal with the issue of investment, etc. Let's hope they help you and that you can handle yourself in the best possible way, don't "throw your money" on the street on unnecessary purchases because we don't know how long we will be in this situation.

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