How do I color my resin?

¿Cómo le doy color a mi resina?

Several days ago we shared with you the Epoxy Resin , today we will show you the main ways with which you can give a touch of color to the resin.

To paint our resin we have:

  • Powdered Resin Pigment , these are placed when the resin mixture is ready. We must add small amounts and mix. What caught our attention about this one are the effects it allows to create, and the finish it has.
  • Liquid paint , this is mixed after creating the resin, it is recommended to use small amounts, since it is highly concentrated and high amounts can create a very strong color. This pigment maintains the transparency of the resin.
  • Alcohol-based ink for resin, this is placed on the resin by drops, due to its composition it does not "mix" completely with the resin, which allows us to create effects such as ramifications, etc.
  • Acrylic paint, acrylic paint can be mixed with resin, to create pieces. We must bear in mind that this paint has a matte finish that can affect the resin. It is recommended to place the paint, after having the mixture ready, we must place small amounts, since high levels of acrylic paint can affect the drying of the resin.

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