How to make fabric patches?

¿Cómo hacer parches de tela?

Previously we talked about biface paper, it is one of the techniques to create fabric patches for our projects, but today we will analyze other options that we have to carry out this type of project.

What are the papers for this type of projects:

How does it work:

  1. We sublimate the polyester fabric with the design that we want to place.
  2. We proceed to print our polyester fabric on our paper, either bifaz or heatnbond.
  3. We remove the protective plastic from our paper, (bifaz or Heatnbond).
  4. Then we print our paper on our fabric, either colored cotton or polyester.

How about the durability:

The tests that we have currently have been 3 washes without wearing out the fabric, or removing the material.

If you want to see the process of stamping the material you can access this link .

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