How to extend the useful life of printable adhesive vinyl?

¿Cómo extender la vida util del vinil adhesivo imprimible?

Sometimes we want to personalize packages or products with complex images, and we have no other option than to resort to printable adhesive vinyl. but many doubts arise; Will it be resistant? How do I know if it works with my printer? Do the colors look good?

We must clarify how this material works, we have printable vinyl and printable paper .

The printable paper is used to work labels and document identifications. These can be both inkjet and laser , and are not as resistant to humidity.

In the case of printable vinyl , it comes with a matte or gloss finish, it can also be compatible with an inkjet or laser printer.

What is the durability of this material:

For the laser printable adhesive vinyl , due to the printing process it has greater durability , while the inkjet is resistant to water, but we do not recommend it for a product in constant use.

What do I do if I want to increase its useful life:

For inkjet printable adhesive vinyl , we can extend its useful life by using spray clear or cold laminate.

For this, we must print our image and proceed to protect it with a cold protective sheet, this will increase the thickness of the material, but protects it from external factors.

The other option is to apply clear spray on the image, for this we apply a layer of spray evenly and let it dry for an hour.

These alternatives that we have shared with you are not the only ones to extend the useful life of your material, but they are the most basic ones that allow you to improve the use of the material. If you want to continue expanding the information you can access our youtube channel.

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