How did you create my cutting templates?

¿Cómo creó mis plantillas de corte?

How do I know what size to use for my sublimation work? To create our sublimation templates we must know that the measurements are based on the project we are carrying out and the equipment we are using, that is, if we want to customize a 600ml thermos but we are using an 11oz resistance we must work an area of ​​9cmx19cm , while if we have a resistance of 20oz , we could work up to 15cm x 19 cm .

After having this clear, what size should I give my projects:
Keychains: this will depend on the type of keychain, but the measurements range from 2cmx5cm to 5cm x 5cm. Recommendation, measure the type of keychain and give it a few extra cms so that you can avoid the white border.

T-shirts: the recommended width for an adult t-shirt in the front area is approx. 9" wide, but this will vary depending on the size, the XL, can be 12" wide.

Pocket Size : It will depend on the size, but it can go from 3"x3" to 4"x4".

Back: Like the front, it can be 9" wide depending on the size.

Cell phone covers: The measurements range from 14cmx7.5cm, but these will vary according to the mobile. Recommendation : measure the mobile and add a few cms to each side to prevent the material from being cut.

Mugs: The recommended size for working mugs is 9cmx19cm, this applies to thermoses, jugs, beer mugs, mason jars, among others, and the products we make with our 11oz resistance.

How can I do it:

In the design software we have an option that allows us to create a box. Create a box with the approximate measurement and use it to make your design inside it.

How to create template using Silhouette Studio:

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