How to create molds to work our resin?

¿Cómo crear moldes para trabajar nuestra resina?

In this week's post we will talk about the options we have to create resin molds, this allows us to create personalized pieces, opening the doors for more options, and differentiating ourselves from the competition with unique pieces.

One of the most basic options is to create molds from acetate , in that case we must create geometric forms to make shapes or encapsulate objects, we can work it with transparent adhesive tape or hot silicone. This mold is for a single piece .

Another option is to create resin molds from window silicone, in this case we must place the mixture in a container with water and liquid soap, give it a few minutes until the material becomes viscous and we proceed to knead it to place it on the piece to be engraved. After 24 hours of drying we remove the piece. We can engrave any shape, the disadvantage is that it can be left with a certain texture of the material.

On the other hand we have, hot silicone , this allows us to work any type of piece, although pieces with low relief are recommended, we place the silicone, wait for it to cool down and proceed to remove the piece, then we place the resin, this mold is used to one piece .

And finally we have the molds of liquid silicone , for this we must create a container where we will place the piece, and we will proceed to pour the liquid silicone, give it a period of 4-6 hours for it to dry, then we break the container and take out the piece and we have a resin mold for unlimited pieces.

We hope that these ideas to create molds have been helpful, on our youtube channel we have a video showing the process of these molds.

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