How to create habits and improve our productivity?

¿Cómo crear hábitos y mejorar nuestra productividad?

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and that the day is not enough for more, but we see other people who are super productive and get the best out of each day. You must remember that we all have 24 hours and that we are responsible for how we use these 24 hours. So how can I make the best of this time?

The first thing you should do is manage your time, it is not an easy task, we all have to do this, it is not something that we will learn overnight, but with practice we can improve.

What do you recommend to improve my productivity?
We are going to share a series of methods, so you can choose which is the one that best suits you.

  • Seinfeld method, in this method we are going to need a calendar that we can mark, in a visible place, and a task agenda. In the agenda we are going to specify the habits that we want to carry out every day. So the days that we have done all the tasks, that is, if we want to run, send reports, every time we do these tasks we mark the day as completed. The idea is to get into the habit of performing these tasks to mark the entire calendar.
  • Ivy Lee method , we will take the 6 most important tasks of the day, organize them in order of priority and we will focus on each of these tasks until we can finish them, we will not skip any.
  • Eisenhower matrix , this consists of making a matrix to classify the tasks that we must carry out in the day, this allows us to classify the tasks between "Do", "Decide", "Delegate", "Eliminate" , so we can organize our day giving priority to certain tasks, and organizing the rest of the tasks according to the priority level. The tasks in "Decide", we are going to choose a time of day to do it, the tasks in "Delegate" we are going to pass them to someone who can fulfill them and the ones that remain in "Eliminate" you do them at a time that does not have as much priority .
  • Pomodoro Technique , This consists of dedicating 25 minutes to a task, and taking 5 minutes of rest, allows us to work focused on a task but with break times so as not to exhaust ourselves. Until we complete the task we cannot move on to the next.
  • Getting Things Done , in this we are going to get a list of tasks to perform, and for each task we are going to specify the actions that we must carry out.

What is the idea? is that when we are going to perform a task, we focus on performing each of the steps of the task until we can complete it. If to send the mail, you must make a table and confirm the costs, then do this part of the tasks to send the mail.

What is the advantage? is that if you start a task and because you are missing something you have to leave it, it may be that the "thread" or the level of concentration you had to perform the task is lost.

  • Focus time , like the Pomodoro technique, consists of putting all your attention on a task, eliminating all possible distractions, until we can complete it.
  • Sam Carpenter Method or Biological Clock , this method consists of dividing our day by schedules, and classifying the schedules according to the level of productivity that we have, in order to be more efficient and take advantage of our schedules.

And you? What is the method that suits you best and is best applied to your routine?

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