How do I increase the life of my sublimation machine?

¿Cómo aumento la vida útil de mi máquina de sublimación?

"The resistance does not last at all", "It is damaged at once", "It does not turn on", "It suddenly went out", "The gun burned", "The cable melted", these and many others are comments that come to us regarding your sublimation equipment, in this post we will talk about some recommendations to increase its useful life, among these we have:

1. Remember to check the wires of the plug in which your machine is connected, this to ensure that they work properly and are not going to cause a short circuit.
2. After 3-4 hours of use, turn off your machine and let it rest for 20-30 minutes to prevent it from overheating.

3.Prevent the cable from coming into contact with the iron, to prevent it from being burned or damaged.

4.Remember to place a blank cup inside your heating element for cups while this is on to prevent the piece from inflating or deforming.

5. Work in a range of 170°C-195°C, avoiding reaching 220°C for long periods of time, this is to prevent our resistance from overheating.

6. Do not connect your machine within a circuit with other high consumption devices, as this could overload the circuits and cause the breakers to trip.

7. Avoid connecting your machine to power strips or extensions that cannot withstand your workload, as this could affect the performance of your equipment.

These are some of the basic recommendations to extend the useful life of our equipment, they are not the only ones but they allow us to work on our projects without forcing our machines.

Of all these recommendations, the essential one for us and the one that has worked for us with our equipment is letting the machine rest for 20-30 minutes. And on the other hand, placing the cup inside the resistance to prevent the piece from being inflated or deformed.

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